Our Motto

Any memorable event is built on the stable tripod of Joyful Engagement, Visual Serenity and Thematic Binding. That Wow moment during the event and every time when you revisit the photos and videos is our driving force. The Favours Lab is the incubator where the most creative minds work tirelessly to offer you a constant stream of options that when used thematically are sure to elevate the visual serenity of your event and create memories for a lifetime. TFL aims to be an inclusive business that benefits the following stakeholders:

·  Indian diaspora in North America that always search yet do not find that Wow moment.

·  Clients – Indian or Otherwise – that look for differentiation at affordable price.

·  Our suppliers who always hail from small towns & are small and medium enterprises.

·  Its team, whose sole happiness lies in creating memories while making a living.

We are confident that our value proposition, passion and ability to create those magic moments is second to none. As we march on to create a niche for ourselves, we are mindful of protecting our product quality. We implore you to engage with us once and feel the difference we can make.

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